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Magazine publishing offers a fantastic opportunity to run a profitable, exciting, rewarding business on your own terms. Knowing exactly how to make your magazine a success is where we come in!

The Perfect Magazine Franchise Opportunity

My name is Ryan O’Meara. I’m a publisher of magazines and digital media.

I started my first magazine in 2001 and I had zero experience.

This probably explains why it took me several years to make a success out of magazines.

Starting a magazine is one of those things that always seems relatively simple and straight forward. You research your market, you survey your likely readers, you come up with a name and you start work.

The reality is somewhat different and I’ve detailed some of the common problems start up magazine publishers face.

From my own perspective, I was very lucky. My magazine survived long enough ONLY because I had secured a considerable amount of external investment.

The unexpected, cash-draining effect of those first years (yes, it was years, not months!) would have almost certainly have cost me my entire business had I not had a huge slice of luck having already secured investment cash prior to launching the magazine.

It’s fair to say my projections were wrong and I encountered all of the start-up problems that many magazine publishers encounter in their formative years.

Here’s Where it Gets Interesting

After publishing 7 issues of our magazine, we actually got good at it. Really good, in fact.


Strangely, the very fact that we had no experience in publishing magazines and therefore had no preconceptions about how to do things, we developed our own system, born of necessity, that really, really worked.

  • Our production system was razor sharp (it had to be).
  • Our editorial strategy was incredibly successful (it needed to be).
  • Our distribution strategy was so cost effective, experienced publishers asked us how we managed to pull it off.
  • Our print prices were amongst the lowest in the country (there’s a secret to how we achieved that!)
  • Our celebrity exclusive interviews genuinely attracted world-wide interest (we never paid a penny to a single celeb!)
  • Our cost base was so tight and effective, other magazine publishers wanted to know our secret

In short, we got really good at magazine publishing by learning fast, failing fast, succeeding fast.

I do NOT recommend you take the same route!

Especially considering that I can let you in to the system we developed and which other publishers envy.

On the back of our first magazine’s success (if you don’t know about K9 Magazine, take a look at the video below)…

…we managed to win awards, gain worldwide media attention, attract column inches EVEN in the publishing trade press acknowledging our innovative approach to the business of magazines and the title is still going from strength to strength to this day. In fact, it’s still ground-breaking and growing its reputation for being innovative and trend-setting.

The success we enjoyed with K9 Magazine lead me to expand our magazine publishing business and, in 2005, along came ViVo Magazine.

The question was; could we repeat the dose without going through the trials and tribulations of being a start-up magazine (again)?

Well, the answer was a resounding yes!

Our launch issue was profitable and we have NEVER published a single edition that didn’t generate profit.

The margins are HUGE (above 70%)

Within just a few issues of ViVo, our advertisers included some of the world’s most renowned brands (it took us many issues to get notable advertisers in to K9 Magazine).

I’m talking about some really big hitters:- Ferrari, Harrods, Bentley Motors, Coutts Private Banking, Porsche, Tattinger Champagne, Patek Phillipe Watches & more!

Sitting side by side with these titans of the luxury sector were local small and medium sized businesses, all of whom were keen to target ViVo’s readers.

And that’s the key.

ViVo Magazine’s success is 100% down to two simple things:

1) The audience profile is exceptionally coveted by advertisers, large and small
2) Our magazine production and delivery system is so efficient, we can achieve incredible results for low overhead

The ViVo Magazine publishing model is our ‘secret sauce’. It’s the hidden force behind the success of the UK’s premier hyper-local, ultra luxury magazine.

It is this business system that is now available – to you – as a franchise opportunity.

Who Would Buy a Magazine Franchise?

  • Anyone looking to invest in a proven, profitable growth business
  • Anyone interested in the exciting, highly rewarding media industry
  • Anyone who wants to work in magazines but doesn’t want to start on the bottom rung of the media ladder
  • Anyone who is seeking the ultimate in flexible working conditions (I run my magazines from my home office)
  • Anyone who fancies a greater work/life balance, spending more time with family or wants a more rewarding career
  • Anyone who would like to build a business which could pay for their retirement
  • Anyone who would like to enjoy the lifestyle that publishing a luxury magazine brings (product tests, free holidays, luxury cars for review, restaurant reviews & more!)
  • Anyone who wants to be better rewarded for their hard work and efforts
  • Anyone who wants to experience more fulfilling daily work
  • Anyone who wants to determine their own hours, their own holidays and their own days off

As I write these words, in the past week I have been offered:

- An all expenses paid media trip to Las Vegas to sample fine dining from some of the world’s greatest chefs
- A free track day at Donnington, driving Porsches
- An all expenses paid trip (including flights) to stay at a luxury chalet in Switzerland
- Access to VIP events in the luxury industry
- A stay at a private mansion in exchange for a review
- A loan of a brand new luxury motor car for review

The above is literally in the last week, it doesn’t include the sheer volume of other lifestyle benefits I am given access to through ViVo Magazine.

They are, I’m sure you’ll agree, exceptionally nice fringe benefits to publishing a magazine in the luxury sector.

Just one of the many reasons why running your own edition of ViVo Magazine could be the most life changing, lifestyle enhancing business decisions you’ll ever make.

Who is Eligible to Franchise a Magazine?

Not everyone, that’s for certain.

To run your own edition of ViVo Magazine you need:

  • No publishing experience (our system is designed for anyone to operate) – experience in the media sector is fine
  • Great communication skills – you need to relate well to local businesses and big corporate players alike
  • Energy and drive – yes, you CAN work 4 hour days if you choose, but you still need to put the effort in when you do work

What Can I Earn Running My Own Magazine?

The ViVo Magazine franchise is built on a profit system that will enable you to earn:

  • £49k in year 1.
  • £69k in year 2.
  • £109k in year 3.

Remember, the above is PROFIT. These are the figures you should be expecting to grow your business at as a MINIMUM.

Growth Opportunities With a Magazine Publishing Franchise

The growth opportunities with ViVo is truly astonishing. Far, far too many to list here – but we’d like to show you just what the future would hold for you if you became a ViVo Magazine franchisee. So, please, fill out our franchise pack request form and I’ll send you all the information you need about a franchise opportunity that will change your life in every conceivable way.

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